Franziska Eulitz

Professionalism, Passion & Creativity



Hi, my name is Franziska, and I’ve been working in Berlin’s event scene for the past twelve years. Working with a passion and adding a healthy dose of creativity around a sound structure, my work maxim is “good preparation is half the battle”. I support productions in myriad areas (events, festivals, trade shows, conferences/conventions, photo/film/video shoots, television) with my organizational talents and professionalism, not to mention open lines of communication and complete transparency.


I believe that communication is the key for successful cooperation. This includes a mutual understanding of expectations, results, and the steps along the way to our production goals – not forgetting that a smile goes a long way. Further, it’s particularly important to me that all project participants are acting in concert so that as a team we can create unforgettable moments.


I’ve built up an extensive network of contacts due to my many years of experience in this area, particularly for events (AV equipment, design, architecture, set construction, camera & editing, gastronomy, promotion, artists, choreography, booking, and so on). I work with these professionals on a regular basis and can rely on them as needed. What else is there to let you know? I love travel, food and music, and love knowing what state-of-the-art is right now. This isn’t something I feel I “have to do”, but rather is my philosophy of life. As a child of social media, I keep a close eye on the world and its creative developments. But most of all, I simply love what I do.